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月百姿 朝野川晴雪月 孝女ちか子

月百姿 朝野川晴雪月 孝女ちか子



  • 商品詳細 Details

    「月百姿 朝野川晴雪月 孝女ちか子」

    絵師 Artist:芳年 Yoshitoshi

    年代 Date:明治18年(1885)

    寸法 Size: 大判

    状態 Condition: 保存良  少汚れ



  • 商品情報 Information

    "Moon of Pure Snow at Asano River, Chikako"
    from the series "100 Aspects of the Moon." by Yoshitoshi.

    Chikako was the daughter(granddaughter) of Zeniya Gohei who engaged in a failed land reclamation project in Kahoku Lake.A number of dead fish surfaced near the project, and some people died after eating the fish. Gohei was arrested and thrown into jail. His daughter(granddaughter) Chikako prayed for his release and commited suicide by jumping into the Asano river on a snowy night.
    Good impression and color.

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