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月百姿 源氏夕顔巻

月百姿 源氏夕顔巻



  • 商品詳細 Details

    「月百姿 源氏夕顔巻」

    絵師 Artist:芳年 Yoshitoshi

    年代 Date:明治19年(1886)

    寸法 Size: 大判

    状態 Condition: 保存良 少汚れ



  • 商品情報 Information

    "Yugao, Chapter from The Tale of Genji"
    from the series "100 Aspects of the Moon." by Yoshitoshi.

    One of the top designs in this series.
    Yugao was a tragic lover of Prince Genji.
    One night, Genji took Yugao to a dilapidated house.
    Their fleeting affair was interrupted by the jealous spirit of one of Genji’s former mistresses and killed Yugao.
    Good impression and condition.

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